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Dashboard Metrics

Custom Configurations

Multiple User Roles

Manage Voicemails

Read voicemails instead of listening to them

Voice to text technology decreases time spent listening to voicemails and improves response time.

read voicemail

View statistics and find trends

On the voicemail dashboard, you can identify when you receive the most voicemails and what topic is the most popular.

get statistics

Receive voicemails via Email, JIRA, or Freshdesk

Select the workflow that is best for you! You can receive voicemails via email, JIRA, or Freshddesk.

Receive voicemails via Email, JIRA, or Freshdesk

Gather Feedback

Learn what is working and what isn't

Gathering feedback is the best way to know what you are doing well and what you can do to improve.

Gathering feedback

Connect with users

Following up on submitted feedback is a great way to show the user that their voice is being heard.

Gather feedback info

View statistics and find trends

On the feedback dashboard, discover what devices and browsers are most used. Filter feedback by date range and discover trends throughout the year!

Get statistics

Receive feedback via email, JIRA, or Freshdesk

Feedback notifications are fully customizable. You can receive notifications when negative feedback is submitted, anytime a user enters a comment, or when a user requests to be contacted.

Receive feedback via email, JIRA, or Freshdes

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